About Us


URU is brought to you by Tassone Health Innovations Inc.

We are a Practitioner owned, Traditional Chinese Medicine based company dedicated to providing North Americans a viable solution to promote health through TCM dietary therapy.

We offer a modern approach to ancient healing-and we think you’re going to love what we’ve done!

URU is the premiere SAAS service which offers URU Practitioners across North America a comprehensive diet and lifestyle program for their patients through the accuracy and convenience of a TCM dietary software service.

We’ve made TCM easy! All we need is a diagnosis by an URU Practitioner and our software can create a personalized diet and lifestyle program based on it!

Our software represents the most comprehensive database of foods qualified and categorized according to TCM and selected according to Practitioner diagnosis.
Each food in our extensive catalogue is categorized according to its TCM nutritional actions and qualities.

Our Practitioners can enter their patient diagnosis by simply completing our Diagnostic Questionnaire and- within minutes- receive a customized and individually tailored URU program -Just for you!