Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • There are generally two outstanding differences between these two types of medical systems, but the differences are crucial when it comes to your body’s total health.

    In general, North American medicine views the body as having isolated parts and treats the symptoms of poor health separately, based on the part of the body that is experiencing a symptom. This leads to treatments that are separate from each other and treatments which may, and often do, contradict another area of the body.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine, on the other hand, takes an overview of all symptoms throughout the body and aims at treating the root cause of all the symptoms-to achieve total body health!

  • No. Although it is both an alternative to North American healthcare and is holistic by treating the whole body, Traditional Chinese Medicine is recognized and classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an independent medical system unto itself!

    As it is the only medical system in the world that uses the powerful balancing qualities of Yin and Yang to promote natural health, in 2014, the WHO released a ten-year strategy that aims to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine into modern medical care! The goal of the WHO is to effectively promote education on the Yin/Yang theory of balance –across the globe-and finally achieve universal understanding and recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a powerful, efficient and effective healthcare system.

  • Yes! Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice understands that for many of us, poor health begins at childhood and intensifies as we age.

    The URU Health Guide allows parents an in-depth understanding on what their child is experiencing health-wise, both physically and emotionally during this stage of their life.

    Once you have an understanding of their diagnosis, you will have the tools to make informed decisions about not only their health, but also their healthcare. Your URU Practitioner will be happy to explain suitable treatment options for them and, together, can not only address their present health problems, but help prevent future ailments in adulthood!

URU Health Guides

  • The URU Health Guide is offered as a service to URU Practitioners for use in their clinics. As with any service, it is at the Practitioners discretion to determine their professional fees.
    The MSRP of the URU Health Guide is $20 plus your URU Practitioner’s standard diagnostic consultation or appointment fee.

  • Each URU Health Guide comes complete with concise explanations of your health according to your Traditional Chinese diagnosis results, including:

    • your general diagnosis
    • your specific imbalances
    • pathogenic factors that may affect you
    • elemental phases throughout your lifetime (gender and age considerations)
    • how the seasons affect your body (natural seasonal requirements)
    • DIY healthcare, exercise and lifestyle tips and recommendations.

    It’s all the information you need to know about your personal health- all in one booklet- created just for you.

  • It’s a good possibility! Many insurance providers across North America now offer coverage for Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments. The easiest way to find out if you are eligible for service reimbursement is to simply give your insurance provider a call!

URU Practitioners/your Visit

  • URU Practitioners are independent, government approved, TCM and Acupuncture Practitioners who believe that knowledge is one of the most powerful tools they can give their patients and go the extra mile to provide it with custom tailored URU Health Guides.

    In order to ensure the highest quality of service, all URU Practitioners are government licensed to provide Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics in the State/Province and/or Country in which they practice. In order to ensure the highest quality in service, The URU program may ONLY be purchased through an accredited URU Practitioner.

    Did you Know?

    TCM and Acupuncture Practitioners, in most States and select Provinces across North America, require a 3-4 year Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, or the equivalent training, and must complete written and practical board exams in order to become licensed.

    In States and Provinces that do not require licensing, Practitioners must obtain specific certifications to ensure they are fully trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques and applications from an accredited school in order to provide their services.

  • Most people schedule their diagnosis along with an initial treatment however you may choose a diagnostic appointment only-it’s up to you.

    This visit will set the groundwork for future health decisions and treatments with an analysis of your health by using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis techniques. This will include an assessment of your current symptoms, past treatments, patient and family medical history, sleep patterns, diet, organ functions and emotional health. As part of this process, the pulses on both wrists are taken to determine how energy is flowing within the body and your tongue will be examined for color, coating and structure to determine underlying pathogenic factors.

    During this comprehensive evaluation, your URU Practitioner will also observe the overall presentation of your signs and symptoms to assist in determining exactly what’s happening with your personal health.

    After your appointment is completed, your URU Practitioner will enter the data into our URU software program and, within 5 business days, you will receive your very own URU Health Guide by email.

  • Your individualized URU Health Guide is basically a book about you and your health, at this moment in your life. We’ve packed a lot of information about you in this guide, so take your time with it! Just remember, this is most likely a totally different way for you to view your health so it may take a few read-throughs to get accustomed to this new way of thinking…… but it’s worth it, because you’re worth it!
    Once you have an understanding of your diagnosis, you will have the tools to make informed decisions about not only your health, but also your healthcare. Your URU Practitioner will be happy to explain treatment options with you and, together, can come up with a suitable strategy to bring you into better, more balanced health.

What if I have questions?

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