URU Practitioners are the cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s growing success across North America and are specifically selected and approved by THI Inc. to provide optimal healthcare with URU Health Guides.

URU Practitioners are independent, government approved, TCM and Acupuncture Practitioners who believe that knowledge is one of the most powerful tools they can give their patients and go the extra mile to provide it with custom tailored URU Health Guides.

In order to ensure the highest quality of service, all URU Practitioners are government licensed to provide Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostics in the State/Province and/or Country in which they practice.

Did you Know?

TCM and Acupuncture Practitioners, in most States and select Provinces across North America, require a 3-4 year Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, or the equivalent training, and must complete written and practical board exams in order to become licensed.

In States and Provinces that do not require licensing, Practitioners must obtain specific certifications to ensure they are fully trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques and applications from an accredited school in order to provide their services.

In order to ensure the highest quality in service, The URU program may ONLY be purchased through an accredited URU Practitioner.