Q. Am I able to offer my other services to people seeking the URU program?

A. Of course! As a Practitioner you are encouraged to assist and amplify the effects of the URU program. It is completely up to your discretion as a Practitioner if you choose to offer other treatment modalities.

Q. What if I need assistance or have questions/comments?

A. We’re here to help! Please feel free to contact Tassone Health Innovations Inc. and a licensed TCM or Acupuncture Practitioner will respond within 1-2 business days to personally review your problem and offer assistance.


Q. What if I want to address primary imbalances only? Do I have to enter specific meridian imbalances?

A. We encourage you to enter as much diagnostic information as you can regarding your patient, however; it is up to your discretion as a Practitioner how to address your patient’s health.

Q. What do I do if there is a contraindicated food on the recommended list or a Recommended food that appears to cause negative reactions for my patient?

A. If there is any doubt as to the patient’s reaction to any particular foods, please have them avoid that food for the time being.

Initially, it may be a good idea to review the diagnostic information you’ve entered first. If you find that there are no errors on your end, please contact Tassone Health Innovations Inc. to let us know of any suspected errors or problems. We strive to provide the ultimate in TCM Healthcare and are continually compiling information about the TCM properties of foods and appreciate and rely on Practitioner input to make the URU program as effective as possible for their patients’ care.


Q. How will I know if the cost of Membership is worth the monthly fee?

A. If you can sign up more than 6-7 patients on a 1 year/4 season program, this may prove to be a valuable tool to increase your profitability as a Practitioner

Q. How do I know becoming an URU Practitioner will boost traffic to my clinic?

A. It is our goal to establish URU Practitioners firmly in the Health and Wellness market by providing the public with easy access to our Members in our complimentary Find a Practitioner section. This allows you to link your clinic’s website and contact information with

While we can’t guarantee that consumers will choose you as their Practitioner for the URU program, we can increase potential awareness of your clinic. As in regular practice, it is up to you to build a relationship with potential patients

Q. How much should I charge in my clinic for the URU program? What’s my profit margin?

A. Fees are at the total discretion of the Practitioner. The MSRP of the URU Program, including your diagnosis, is $130-$190/season.

To work out your fees to gauge potential income, first, choose a reasonable price-point.
(Insert that amount) $_______ x 4 (number of seasons)= $______. Ideally, you should make this amount on each patient on a 4 season program with your selected fee.