Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the most effective healthcare systems in the world. So why are you struggling to get recognized as a serious healthcare provider?

It’s simple: people don’t know about TCM and all the wonderful things it can do for their health!

We’d like to help change that.

Find Success as an URU Health Practitioner

    • Marketing Made Simple

      Join a united healthcare brand to spread awareness of TCM

      URU Health Guides allow independent Practitioners to finally offer competitive TCM awareness through a united healthcare brand marketed to, and created for today’s health consumer.

    • You can’t compete with North American health market on your own. And it’s frustrating, because health consumers are looking for answers you know you can give them with TCM. But, without a TCM platform to compete in a market overrun with one-size-fits all health advice, how will they know what TCM is? The established URU Health guide brand enables you to effectively market TCM to your patients with a clear, concise message.

    • Engage & Educate

      Use URU Health Guides to build TCM understanding

      By simply using our unique software, you can create individualized URU Health Guides to give to each patient so they can learn about their health, according to their TCM diagnosis, at their own pace.

    • Don’t let “North American” style thinking block TCM understanding any longer.
      URU Health group membership allows Practitioners to educate their patients easily and effectively with TCM’s premiere custom-tailored TCM information booklets: URU Health guides.

    • Your Practice, Your Patients

      Partner with a program invested in your success

      URU Health Guides take time restraints off the Practitioner; help patients understand the value of TCM; and, at the same time, provide patients with more information than you could possibly give on your own! URU Health Guides will help your grow your practice & your revenue. Are you ready to take the next step?

    • You already have enough to do without having to teach each patient a new way of thinking about health. As an URU Health Practitioner, you can supply your patients with everything you want them to know about their body, according to their personal TCM diagnosis…in minutes! Spend less time explaining yourself and more time growing your practice with URU Health Guides.

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As an URU Practitioner, you can offer your patients custom, effective treatment plans, created in minutes

URU Health Guides will help you:

  • Educate your patients on TCM
  • Get results for your patients
  • Increase your patient load
  • Grow your Practice

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Who should Become an URU Health Group Member?

  • Established Practitioners

    If you find yourself explaining and repeating information constantly throughout your workday, the URU Health Guide will eliminate repetition by educating your patients about TCM in clear, concise terms.

  • TCM and Acupuncture Clinics

    When working to expand your patient base, there is no better solution than to educate patients about TCM and its efficacy.

  • Overworked Practitioners

    With URU Health Guides, you can create custom TCM information guides that tell your patients everything you need them to know about their personal health…in under 5 minutes!

  • New Practitioners

    Membership in the URU Health Group allows independent Practitioners to offer a TCM brand name and establish a solid influence in today’s healthcare market.

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