Whether you want to gain new patients or retain existing patients, offering URU Health Guides will help you promote TCM at it’s best.

Membership allows independent Practitioners across North America exclusive access to our specialized software so they can offer patient-specific TCM information, easily, with URU Health Guides.

Health Guide Offer

Once you’re a member, all you have to do to create an individualized URU Health Guide is: 

  1. Schedule and perform your usual TCM diagnosis for your new or existing patient.
  2. Enter the information into our software.

That’s all you have to do! In just minutes, our software will create a personalized, easy to follow, printed URU Health Guide for you to give your patient. It’s that easy!

Each URU Health Guide comes  complete with concise explanations of:

  • the Yin/Yang theory of balance
  • primary diagnosis
  • secondary diagnosis
  • specific meridian imbalances
  • pathogenic factors
  • gender considerations
  • age considerations/elemental phases
  • seasonal requirements
  • lifestyle recommendations
  • treatment modality options

It’s an evolution of TCM for Practitioners and patients alike!

In minutes, you can give them all the information you need them to know- all in one booklet- created just for them.

Take your practice to the next level in healthcare by inspiring true TCM understanding with URU Health Guides.

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